Pioneer SE-A1000 Stereo Headphones Review

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Flying is one of my favorite things to do.  I don’t like the electronics dead time at the beginning of a flight.  When I got on flight 1820 to Dallas, Texas, I was eager to try out the Pioneer SE-A1000 Headphones.  When the light went off for me to turn my electronics on, I pulled them out their suave carrying case and dove in.

The earphones are not necessarily for the iPod, but it can be used for that, as well as home theater systems, Portable DVD players, tablets, or any MP3 device.   The headphones are really big and the extension cable very long.  The comfort level works for me because the ear cups are large with a silky-soft rim.  Also, on top of the set is an adjustable headband.  I wouldn’t recommend these headphones for fitness use.

On my first listen with the headphones, I was listening to Jay-z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne.  So, I got a chance to hear different kinds of sounds as well as lots of bass.  The sound is very clean and the voices of the rappers were crystal clear, remaining undistorted by the bass as the volume increased.  I switched to Adele for a softer sound and the Pioneer Headphones did not disappoint.  Something that really impressed me about this set was when I hooked them to my Yamaha receiver.  I checked out different phases, from gaming to movie watching.  I played Call of Duty and I got a 7.1 surround sound feel.  This 7.1 was exceptional because I wasn’t expecting it to, and I could hear people coming up from behind.  At home, the long cable came in handy when I was watching BluRay movies.  I could actually lay in my bed and watch The Dark Knight.

The last thing I’m going to leave you with, is its durability.  I was frightened when I sent my bookbag, which contained the Pioneer SE-A1000 Headphones, through airport security.  Security can be pretty reckless with people’s belongings.  I wasn’t sure the headphones would take the slamming since they’re so big.  The hard rubber wire connected to both of the ear cups is not particularly pliable, almost to the point where u have to break them with your hand.

All in all, I would recommend the Pioneer SE-A1000 Headphones for any thing except fitness.  The durability always kept me from buying big headsets, but these, I would definitely buy.  My biggest gripe is the extremely long cable.  I think it would be much better without an 18ft cable, but again, the headphones are designed for a home theater.  The Pioneer Headphones retail for $149.99, which is average for a pair of home theater headsets.







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