New York Times: Apple TV Rumored For 2013 Release


Steve Jobs may have gone to a better place but his legacy and ingenuity will live on for years to come.  In his biography, he hinted that he “finally cracked” the code to bringing the Apple lifestyle into a television.  Rumors are now surfacing that the Apple TV has been in testing for about a year now and progress is moving along well.  The New York Times reported today that according to their sources that Steve Jobs was referring to Siri when he was referring to a control solution for the Apple TV.  Interesting…

Siri is now available on the iPhone 4S as a virtual assistant that can do things like send an email or set a reminder.  The potential of using this on a television set opens a whole new door of possibilities.  The main focus of Siri on a television would be to eliminate the the remote control.  Siri could intelligently find what the user wants, whether it’s a TV show or an internet video.

Jobs himself may have hinted voice when he mentioned his TV idea would have the “simplest user interface you could imagine.”  According to the NYT, Apple still has some time to work out the project, although the TV has been a “guaranteed product.”

Apparently, Apple has been planning this since they first released the Apple TV set top box.  It seems that tvs are getting smarter every year, however the average consumer isn’t going to make the upgrade when tvs costs cost significantly over $1,000 and often over $2,000.  If Apple is able to release a television which respects to the current market. They just might have another “magical” product on their hands.


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