New Apple MacBook Air Comes with Core i5 & Thunderbolt Port

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July 20, 2022   //



The new version makes the leap to Intel’s low-voltage Core i5 and i7 processors and is theoretically twice as fast as the Core 2 Duo systems they replace.  They use Intel’s much faster integrated graphics and, in some models, ship with as much as 4GB of RAM.  The Thunderbolt port doubles as a mini display port and a high speed data transfer port.  The Thunderbolt port isn’t just limited to that.  Now, Macbook Airs can connect to gigabit ethernet.  All with a single port. Among the new enhancements, was a backlit keyboard on every model.  This brings the Macbook Air on par with the Macbook Pro lineup.  Apple was able to do all of this and not sacrifice battery life and price.  It still stands at $999 for the base model and you can get up to five hours for an 11-inch system and seven hours for a 13-inch edition.  OSX Lion comes pre-installed also.  Hit the Source link and head over to the Apple store.





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