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Every July is a new beginning.  For college student/athletes, July is the time they go back to classes and also the time they hit football field.  For gamers July is the time when the new NCAA Football comes out.  I have been a fan of the game since 2000.

I am going to give you a review of the new NCAA Football 12.

Graphics and Sound

EA does a great job every year with improving the graphics and sound of their sports games, making them closer to real life as possible.  This year, the grass and the college presentation was a big focus for the game.  When you play your first game, you will notice the change immediately.  With the addition of the 3D grass, it gives sports fans the opportunity to feel like they’re at the stadium watching the game.  The overall presentation that EA has put together, is amazing.  With the ESPN integration, it gives you an authentic feel, just like watching Saturday night College Football.  Something I really loved, is at the end of the 3rd quarter.  It transitions to the 4th with a Game Wrap video presentation of all the big plays.  The announcers and side line reporter do a really good job at calling the game. However, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit use some of the same lines they did in NCAA Football 2011.  The presentation of the game also offers authentic team entrances and team rituals.  The sound is important in this year’s game. Crowds now adjust to what’s going on in the game.  Example:  If a team starts a game winning drive, the crowd gets louder as the team marches down the field and when the team scores the stadium erupts.


A lot of times, when a developer focuses a lot on the graphics, they forget about gameplay.  That is not the case here.  The game plays sharper than it did in NCCA 2011.  On the defensive side of the ball, EA has improved the play of the Zone Defense.  The days of a defender not sliding his feet and standing in one spot when you pick a cover 2 Defense are over.  In-zone Defense; defenders are now active and will play a WR’s in their assigned Zone.  For example, I run QB Spy with my linebackers making it hard for opponents to do quick dumps in the middle or the flats to RB’s and TE’s. The Road for Glory and Dynasty modes has been improved slightly.  In NCAA 11′s Road to Glory mode, you were only able to play one position in the High School games.  Now, it allows you to be recruited on both sides of the ball which was a big addition for me, because I always dreamed of playing Quarterback and Safety.  They also made the Road to Glory mode more challenging with the addition of the position battles.  Road to Glory in NCAA 2011, got really boring to me after my player got out of high school and became a starter, so this makes it more interesting.  I also enjoyed the Coaching Carousel addition in the Dynasty mode.  It brings another dimension to the game when you can really coach act as an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator.  EA also gives you the opportunity to reshape how a conference looks in the Dynasty mode.


Overall, NCAA Football 2012 is an upgrade from 2011.  Last year’s game wasn’t bad, but needed some sharp tunings which is what is done here.  I really enjoy how EA makes the NCAA games more challenging but very enjoyable. Every year NCAA is my choice over the Madden games.  If I had to give it a grade, I would give it an A-.  The sound and gameplay really make this game for me.  I love what they have done with the stadium sounds and the Zone defenses. Those two simple add-ons were enough for me to give the game a good grade. The biggest thing I dont like and that I never like on the NCAA games are how the rosters are preset. Some of the players are out of position and some have physical attributes like dreads an dont have them in real life. I guess this is something that they cant really control because of how the NCAA cant pay the players for using there names. However if you’re looking for a fun enjoyable game that everyone will like, this is your game.

NCAA Football 2012 is available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.





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