Must Carry Travel Kit: Energizer Energi To Go

Energizer Energi To Go XP2000

This is one of my most used and abused travel items.  I do not go anywhere without this kit.  As we all know, all smartphones use huge amounts of juice, some more than others (I’m looking at my Evo 4G as I write this), and at times it seems that there is never enough power.  Energizer has one of the most well thought out travel kits I’ve seen to date.

The kit comes with a 2000 mAh Lithium polymer battery, AC plug, DC auto plug, Cord with 4 tips, Micro and Mini-USB, iPhone/iPod, and Nokia connectors.  It also has the well designed and fairly svelte carrying case for all of these.  The battery pack charges in around 4 hours and outputs DC 5V–650mA.  With 2000 mAh battery I am able to fully charge my Evo one time and still have another roughly 30% charge left over.  I’ve had my Evo charge from (according to battery level in the system) 15% to 95% in less than 3.5 hours with the phone turned off.  If everything is running the charge takes longer but you can at the very least limit the full discharge of your battery in times of need.

When I spoke to Energizer in San Fransisco they said that the availability of the Energi To Go kits was about to roll out nationwide in Target stores.  It is also found in Meijer, Staples, Best Buy, and other stores nationwide.

Pros: Lightweight, 2000 mAh battery chargesall current cell phones fully, great carrying case, works with many manufacturers, inexpensive

Cons: It is only 2000 mAh and some of us need more

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