Motorola To Get Android Time-To-Market Advantage

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September 7, 2022   //

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We have some interesting information for you guys.  Let’s start with some official documentation from a Google-internal presentation.

What makes this document so interesting, is the second bullet point.  It does prove that some manfacturers do have a time advantage over others when it comes to source code.  So, what does that tell manufacturers?  Can Google really be trusted with the Motorola Mobility acquisition?  I mean look at it his way, Motorola has always been one of the companies on the forefront when receiving Android sourcecode.  What’s going to happen now that Google actually owns Motorola Mobility?

This is going to get very interesting.  This document has removed any doubt that Google plays favorites.  Here is the scary part, if they so choose, they don’t have to play favorites with any hardware manufacturer outside of Motorola anymore.  Being that they now own Motorola Mobility, it would be in the best interest of every hardware manfacturer thats not on that VIP list to consider other platforms as a failover.






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