Motorola Spyder & Xoom 2 Spotted

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October 11, 2022   //



Motorola’s relatively nebulous Spyder has been seen live in earnest for the first time through a leak.  The Tuesday sighting at Engadget showed a device with Verizon badging and its 4G LTE logo, making it a very strong candidate for its October 18 event.  The Android 2.3 example has a carbon fiber effect back and has its dual-core TI OMAP chip clocked at 1.5GHz, although it’s expected to drop down to 1.2GHz in the shipping version.

A secondary leak reinforced the existence of the Xoom 2 Media Edition.  The 8.2-inch tablet has reportedly overcome some “rather serious bugs,” the source for the leaks said.  Not much else is revealed by the shot, but it’s using stock Android 3.2 and may have little other than custom apps.

At least one of the devices should show at the New York City gathering next week and the presence points to one of them being ready to ship in a matter of weeks.  These should also include a 10-inch Xoom 2, meant as a more direct sequel with the 1.2GHz chip, and a better IPS-based LCD.




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