Motorola Olympus will be the Etna on Verizon?

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The very reliable Droid-Life has gotten some great information on turkey day eve. It looks like after extensive research it was discovered that the Motorola Olympus has a brother device with a CDMA radio (Sprint of Verizon). The code name at this point is Etna. The naming of the CDMA version fits in with Motorola’s new name scheme for their next wave of devices. The Olympus (which is expected to launch on AT&T) has been a very well kept secret until pictures leaked yesterday. So far specs appear to be a 4.0″+ inch screen with Android 2.2 and a Tegra 2 processor. Considering the release date of the phone as opposed to the release date of Android 2.3. It is a possibility that the device would be shortly updated to the new version after release.

On a side note, I am very very happy to see carriers starting to launch devices on multiple carriers again. HTC did it with the touch pro devices a while back. Samsung made a killing off the Galaxy S lineup. Could we start to see a new trend in manufacturing? I think it will help with carrier defection ALOT! Now the carriers will be forced to keep customers with their actual cellular coverage. cough iPhone cough

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