Motorola Mobility and Google’s Official Merger Deadline Date

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August 18, 2022   //



The reality behind the Google and Motorola Mobility deal from earlier this week, is that the deal may be completed no later than February 2013, as opposed to their stated 2011/2012 proposed deadline.

They currently have offered $40 a share for Motorola Mobility, but clauses in their agreement stipulate that if a better offer reaches the table, then Motorola Mobility is given the right to accept the offer.

According to the agreement on their merger, filed with the Security and Exchange Commission, Motorola Mobility lucks out in the sense that they have the ability to not only entertain a better suitor, but also receive $2.5 Billion if the deal fails to reach regulatory clearance.  While it may not dent Google’s wallet much to have this deal fall through, the lack of a merger will probably see a negative end result for the operations at Motorola Mobility.  Although, in this patent “Cold War,” it will benefit Google to complete the clearance.






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