LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Band for iPod Nano 6G Review


The LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kit is a superb piece of engineering.  It converts your 6th Gen Apple iPod Nano into a wearable timepiece.

[box type=”comment” size=”medium”] “LunaTik is a premium permanent conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod Nano primarily as a wrist watch.  The LunaTik case is forged and CNC’d from aircraft grade aluminum and the straps are made from compression molded high-grade silicone rubber with an anti-dust coating.  All hardware is stainless steel.” -Lunatik [/box]

I’ve been using this as my watch for about 2 weeks now.  I don’t think I have every gotten this many compliments on an accessory.  Most people just say “Cool Watch.”  If they happen to catch me playing music or a glimpse of the 30 Pin dock connector, the usual question is “What is that?  An iWatch?”  For $79.99, it’s definetly not cheap but it is definetly worth it.  I have used other watch bands like the Incipio NGP and the quality and protection that the LunaTik provides is worth it . Check out the full review in the video below.

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  • nrodriguez

    Is there any way you can select an option to have the watch always showing? or do you always have to press that lil button?