Logitech Revue Gets Leaked Honeycomb Update


It was only a few days ago when Logitech announced they would be lowering the Google TV set top box from $249 to $99.  This would put it right in the same market as Apple TV and the Boxee Box.  This year, at Google I/O, Google admited the adoption of Google TV was slow and promised that a complete overhaul of the software would come in the form of Honeycomb.

Even though the Revue is at the bottom of the price barrel, that doesn’t mean Logitech has given up on it.  They have already stated that they will be providing the Honeycomb update by Summer’s end.  Hacking the install requires just a USB drive and a special reboot and should bring the completely remade interface, including support for third-party apps when they appear.  Those in the GTV Hacker forums note that there’s no root required to force the upgrade like on some Android phones and tablets.

The upgrade carries a significant risk because this is an unfinished product and right now, there isn’t a way to go back or possibly update to the official update in the future.



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