Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition


Sony announced a Special Edition for Little Big Planet 2 Little Big Planet 2 released on January 18th for the Playstation 3.

The new Special Edition will include:

  • PlayStation Move support
  • New “Rise of the Cakeling” adventure with five new levels and seven mini-levels
  • Disney/Pixar Level Pack with five levels, two mini-levels and an Alien costume
  • Disney/Pixar Costume Pack with Buzz, Slinky, Hamm and Rex outfits
  • Pets Costumes Pack with twelve costumes including cats, dogs and others

Sony also announced some more goodies coming for Little Big Planet 2.  Along with the Special Edition, there will be a Playstation Move bundle that will come out on the same day.  The Move bundle will include the Special Edition, a Move controller, a Move navigation controller and a PlayStation Eye camera.  These 2 sets will be out on November 15th.  However, Uncharted 3 fans will be able to download the Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception DLC on November 2nd.  This DLC will be priced at 1.99 and will include a new set of clothes for Sackboy.  Sackboy will have Nathan Drake hair, pants, scarf, skin and top from Uncharted 3.

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