iPhone 4S is Officially Sold Out, Now at 1-2 Week Delivery

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October 13, 2022   //



All three US iPhone carriers are now sold out of iPhone 4S preorders, Bloomberg observes.  Verizon and Sprint currently have no stock of 16GB 4S models; AT&T is giving a delivery window of three to four weeks for the hardware, about the same length of time needed for resupplies.  In effect the only option for securing a 4S on launch is to appear at a store in person, especially since there are only two shipping days left in the week.

At Verizon, new preorders should ship on October 28th.  Sprint is still taking preorders for 32 and 64GB phones, even if deliveries will miss the launch weekend.  At Apple’s online store, shipping times are currently listed at one to two weeks for all capacities.




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