iPads or PCs?

Since Apple originally launched the iPad, it has gone on to become a worldwide success, offering people the use of many of the functions of a PC, combined with the convenience of use associated with a mobile phone. Nowadays people use iPads for everything, from working to gaming at an online iPad casino and – although PCs have caught up to some degree thanks to their availability in tablet form – the iPad is still the device considered the market leader by many within the industry. 

One of the many countries in which the iPad is a phenomenon is Australia, with evidence showing that when the iPad 2 became available to buy in shops in that country earlier this year, it sold out virtually everywhere within a two week period. While all versions of the iPad 2 have proven to be extremely popular with mobile device enthusiasts in that country, the most popular model of all has proven to be the 3G black edition – with the black models in general proving more popular in that country than the white ones. The success of the new iPad 2 would certainly seem to indicate that Aussies prefer iPads to PCs, for working or for gaming, but this is not universally the case.

As with any other country, there is a divergence of opinion on this matter, as the results of a survey into the iPad 2amongst Aussie consumers following its release showed. Although the vast majority of those questioned indicated satisfaction with the new model, a significant minority of 12.9 percent suggested that they had no interest in the iPad at all. Given that few nowadays can function without the use of a computer or mobile device at all, it is fairly safe to presume that these people prefer to use a PC. Of course, just like in any other country with access to both iPads and PCs, there will be some Aussies who prefer the former and some the latter.


June 15 / 2012

Computers, Tablets
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