iPad 3 and New iPhones Found in iOS 5 Beta Code

Written by Matthew   //

June 8, 2022   //



Well, what do we have here?  Apple is known for putting information in their operating system that referrers to “compatible devices.”  Funny thing, is that the iPad3.1 and iPad3.2 don’t exist.  In the past, this has been concrete evidence that there is hardware out there being called iPad 3.  We don’t know the specs.  We don’t know the release date.  We especially don’t know if it will blend.  This definetly adds fuel to the fire that a new iPad will be announced in the fall, along side the the new iPhone 5. Crazy thing, is evidence of an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S couldn’t be found anywhere in iOS 5.

Update: [Redmond Pie] have located references to two upcoming iPhone models, the “iPhone4.1” and “iPhone4.2” as well as an “iPad3.1” and “iPad3.2“.  The Verizon iPhone 4 was referenced as “iPhone 3.3” in the beta of the previous iOS version, months before it hit retail.  These could be versions for different carrier networks.  Stay tuned.




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