IMHO: Miui Has the Right Stuff

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IMHO: If you havn’t tried Miui yet your missing out! 

There are two kinds of Android Users, those who run stock and those who root. One of the main reasons people such as myself root is the ability to install and run custom ROM’s, or different versions of Android other than the Manufacturers. I am the type that switches ROM’s about as much as I switch TV channels. I have tried as many as I can get my hands on from CyanogenMod to SkyRaider. Some impressed me while others were merely diversions, and others I immediately uninstalled, took a cold shower and tried to forget about all together. For a long time I switched back and forth between a few select ROMS, that is until I discovered Miui.

I have been using the Miui ROM for about a month now and I believe I have finally decided I have found the version of Android I am most happy with. A lot of people considered Miui to be nothing more than a “proof of concept” when it first showed up. It was merely a port of something from China that was largely uninterpreted. A lot of people switched back and never returned but may be pleasantly surprised at more than a few changes. First of all the Miui is 100% in English now. “n_i_x” the faithful porter, has done a great job of ironing out the kinks and the product is truly the smoothest ROM I have run on my Incredible. For those that have never tried it or have heard bad things from those early adopters let me tell you why I have fallen in love with MIUI.

First is the lack of an App drawer. This is the absolute deal breaker for so many and I can’t understand why. There is no endless list of the applications that come with the app drawer. Instead what you have is the option of creating as many folders you want and sticking your applications in them or you can set up as many screens as you would like to host your applications in any way you want. Every time I switch back to a more “traditional” version of Android I keep asking myself “why can’t I organize this the way I want to!” With Miui the choices and organization is entirely yours to choose. It also features some more standard operating equipment such as built in Wireless Tethering and an FM radio. The latest build for the Incredible also features a theme download and installer.

My only real gripes with the UI is the lack of putting my programs inside the folders in a specific order. Once they go into the folder there isn’t a way to move them around unless you move everything out of the folder and back in. The only other flaw I see is the camera app is not that great but lets face it that’s why we pay for 3rd party camera apps right?

In a lot of ways there really is no “better” ROM. It really boils down to what your personal preferences are. I take my hat off to all the developers in the Android community who put in so much hard work for so little thanks in return. Well here it is a big THANK YOU to everyone who works so hard. As always I will continue to search for the biggest and baddest I just think for now this is staying on my phone for a good long while. As always I welcome your comments, thoughts, hate mail, blackmail, and love letters. You may now contact me at my new email address [email protected]

As a programming note next Wednesday starts my Christmas vacation and I will be doing a lot of traveling. If I have time Tuesday night I will be posting IMHO a little early or if not it will be a little late.


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