IMHO: 3DTV Not So Much.

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3D TV just isn’t going to work

Remember back in the day when you were seeing HDTV for the first time? I do and it wowed the crap outta me. I knew about 10 seconds in to watching the NFL channel in HD that tv watching was about to change forever. 3DHDTV…not so much.

While doing some Black Friday shopping this year I found myself inside a Sears electronic department. I noticed what appeared to be some visually impaired people staring at a decidedly blurry screen. This was my first thoughts at what suddenly dawned on me was 3dTV. After I decided I must join the ranks I put the glasses on and it occurred to me that not only did I have no wow factor, I looked stupid. Thanks Sears.


Lets cut to the chase of why I can honestly say 3DTV is never going to work. First, the glasses just are not a fashion statement you want to wear. Imagine getting home from work, your ready to sit down and veg out for an hour or two and watch some Judge Judy. If your like me at all your going to spend the next thirty min trying to find the remote, not add another fifteen to that at least to find your stupid glasses. Second, your friends and family do not want to watch blurry TV when you run out of your stupid glasses. Sorry to break it to you but not everybody is going to be getting 3DTV this year and nobody is going to buy there own glasses on the offshoot you like them enough to allow you to come over and watch there brand new Sony. Third and most importantly it is easy to forget that TV is an activity that is sometimes done passively. Some people enjoy reading and watching TV at the same time which with glass dependent TV is just not possible. You might be cooking dinner and want to watch TV at the same time? Sorry everybody your outta luck.

If you can’t tell by now the absolute killer of 3dTV in my ever so humble and usually right opinion is that 3D glasses work awesome in a movie theater. Unfortunately it just doesn’t translate well to home use. The only way for true 3d to come to your home and it be practical is without glasses. Take a look at the 3DS. Glassless TV that also produces a 3d imagine will be worth the money but until a viable cheap product enters the market count me out. Lets hope that Toshiba pulls this off. Looks like the answer may be at hand. CLICK HERE!

IMHO as always I welcome your comments and opinions.

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