I’m Addicted to Google+. Sincerely, Me

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It would be an understatement to say that my Twitter timeline isn’t filled with Google/Android lovers.  As soon as one of us received an invite to the closed beta of Google+, it spread like viruses on Limewire.  You are probably wondering what Google+ is. That’s fine, the word Google+ isn’t a household name, yet.  At least, I hope it will be.

Google has finally made a reputable attempt at a social network.  What really has me intrigued about the new social network, is that it’s NOT Facebook.  I know that doesn’t sound like a good reason to be excited, but it is.  How many of you are tired of the disorganization of Facebook?  I am not talking about the layout.  I am merely speaking on those damn surveys, plugins and ridiculous timeline support.

Right now, Google+ is clean and pure.  None of those pesky Farmville or Super Poke plugins and games.  It’s not only the purity of Google+ that is intriguing.  Hangout and Circles are the future.


Hangout is all about video/voice chat.  You can chat with up to 9 other people and video call until your heart is content.  I would love to see this work on Android devices with a front facing camera.  As of now, it is only compatible with computers.


With Circles, you can create groups of people and share what you want to those groups.  It’s simple enough.  You can click and drag people to particular groups.  You can even have someone in more than one.  Let’s say, you only want to tell certain people that you are drunk off your face.  Now, you can!  Let’s face it.  Social networking has become an intricate part of our lives.  There is nothing worse than sharing the wrong information with the wrong people.


Ever wanted to call a play or plan a flash mob?  Then Huddle is for you. I am playing, but it could be used for that. Huddle is group chat.  Nothing else.  It allows you to create a simple place where you and your “circle” talk.  It makes Facebook chat look like a styrofoam cup and string

Google+ has a lot more to offer than other social networks.  I am an avid user of Google Talk, Reader, Gmail, Voice, etc.  It only makes sense for me to real right at home with Google+.  That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t.  Google is working hard to refine Google+ into a product for everyone.  This is something that I hope and recommend you give a chance.  Thanks Google, I am addicted.  This isn’t the end of our coverage of Google+.  I will be doing some demos of the new network over the weekend.  Stay Tuned!


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  1. Hi,

    I am too addicted to Google+. This is gonna be the most happening product in the near future..

    I have started spending more time in it than Facebook.

    Good Bye Facebook!

    Welcome Google+.. Highly recommended! G++++++


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