I.M.H.O: Online Gamers Suck! At least some of them…

I.M.H.O: I love playing online but I hate the people I play with…

Did you rush out and buy the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops? I didn’t. Sure I’ve got the cash laying around but one thing that keeps me from buying it online hackers/cheaters.  I remember being so excited playing Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. The single player was outstanding and I loved running around and killing people from around the globe. Then a black day arrived. I logged on, fired up a match and to my horror a swarm of guys with rocket launchers were attacking me. Everytime I fired at them I was dead. Pissed isn’t even the word.

Know any a*holes like these?

Cheating Bastards

From that moment on the game was dead to me. The fun was gone and the illusion had gone up in smoke. I tried match after match but more than half of the games I joined had this group of morons running around. Two days later I traded the game in. Sure Inifity Ward patched the servers and everything was just fine right? Wrong. Hackers/Cheaters are working around the clock to ruin online games just as hard if not harder than the developers are closing holes. No game will ever be perfect and I don’t think this problem will ever go away.

Much like the first ammendment we should do as we please as long as what we are doing does not infringe upon someone elses fun. If you want to hack and cheat keep it to private games with your friends. You are not only destroying the game you obviously enjoy enough to exploit but you are also destrorying the game for every person you play with. Case in point: Lets keep it clean guys. Do that and the enjoyment for everyone will go up and games will be far more rewarding.

As for me I am going to wait a few weeks to pick up a copy of the newest COD.

Doing a lot of research this week into 4G devices and networks that are up and coming. Come back next week for an IMHO on these devices and why they may not even matter, or will they?

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