Hulu Branches Out Internationally In Japan

Hulu, the company which streams TV Shows (and some movies) via subscription online, has been on the sales block for a moment, now, but while they remain ready for purchase, simultaneously they have branched out to the far east, in Japan.

The Newscorp, Walt Disney, and Comcast owned brands, are for the first time, placing its brand in an international market with the move to Japan.  It will feature shows from NBC Universal owned by Comcast, FOX, owned by Newscorp, and ABC, owned by Disney.  For the first time in the states, and internationally, the CBS network will finally allow a deal to take place to have their network shows aired on Hulu.  This is a great move to continue the growth of the Hulu online site and further ammunition if a potential bidder were to seek purchase of the company.



September 01 / 2011

Tech News
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