HTC Thunderbolt vs Samsung Droid Charge vs LG Revolution Verizon LTE Speed Test


Long title right?  Yeah, I know.  I took a trip to Atlanta today and I figured I would take some time out to do a comparison for you guys.  Verizon currently sells three phones capable of accessing their blazing fast 4G LTE network.  In comparison, 4G LTE is probably twice as fast as your home internet.

Since coverage is limited to mostly major cities, everytime I go to Atlanta, I use the opportunity to experience “real 4G”. I know what you are thinking.  All three phones are 4G LTE capable and they should be able to do the same speeds right? I won’t spoil the results, but not all 4G phones are created equal.  After all, HTC, Samsung and LG are reputable phone makers.  Who is better at 4G?  Lets’s find out.

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