HP Bringing New Touchscreen Desktop PC’s To The Market

Written by Roly   //

September 7, 2022   //



Hewlett Packard, the world’s largest producer of personal computers has announced they will be releasing three models of touchscreen based personal computers dubbed “TouchSmart”  ranging from $600 to $900 this month.

Two of the three models being released are set to debut early this month, with the $850 model of the “TouchSmart Elite”  hitting the market on Sept. 21st aimed at smaller businesses.  The news of these releases comes in lieu of HP’s plans to spin-off its Personal Systems Group that generated $40.7 Billion last year.

Along with news of their new product line, they also plan on expanding WebOS in anyway possible, through a software only means due to the company recently discontinuing its hardware line of WebOS devices, although wildly popular due to the recent frenzy of purchases of their TouchPad series.

It has yet to be seen how their plans will fan out, although many admirers of the innovative WebOS system may feel betrayed at the new focus of HP after its failed attempts at keeping the Palm line of products alive.  Maybe a “Touchscreen” desktop with the use of a refined WebOS client catered to these systems would be a nice way to continue the WebOS innovations.





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