How To Upgrade RAM on a 21.5″ iMac (2011)


Well, I finally decided to upgrade the RAM in my iMac.  The included 4GB wasn’t enough for my heavy video editing and multitasking.  I found a great deal on RAM on Amazon (Link Below) and decided to leap and grab some more ram. If I would have decided to do this at purchase, I would have coughed up over $200 for just 8GB.  I got 16GB for $108. Talk about a great deal!  Anyways, installation was a breeze.  Check out the video.

This is also my first time playing with Final Cut Pro X.  I figured I would put the new RAM to test.  I rendered this video in under 120 seconds thanks to the upgrade.

After ordering the RAM.  It went down another $10 bucks.  You can get 16GB of RAM now for a little over $80.


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