[HOT] $500 Budget Custom PC

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July 18, 2022   //


I have to admit.  I am one of those guys who feel like they have to have the latest and greatest PC.  It only sucks when a new game comes out and the PC you have can barely run it.  The consequence of “keeping up with the Jones’” is that PC upgrades become a little pricey.

The guys over at GamersNexus have put together an awesome, low-budget, PC that will run all of your favorite games at some of the highest settings.  Looking to get into some Battlefield 3 action?  Maybe a little Star Wars The Old Republic?  Maybe you are one of those folks who still play WoW on that old machine that just…  Nevermind.

After doing some research, I will probably be one of those individuals who jump ship to this PC.  Hell, the motherboard I have doesn’t even support DDR3.  Talk about out of date.

Check the chart below for specs and prices!

  • Video Card HIS HD 6790 1GB 256-bit Free  DiRT 3 $130
  • CPU AMD X2 Regor 260 3.2GHz Free Shipping $65
  • Memory Patriot 4GB PC 12800 Memory Free Shipping,  $34
  • Motherboard MSI NF750-G55 $75
  • Power Supply RAIDMAX Hybrid 630W PSU $50
  • Hard Drive WD Caviar Blue 500GB 7200RPM $40
  • Optical Drive LITE-ON DVD Burner Free Shipping $19
  • Case Rosewill Smart One ATX $45
  • Total  $458

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