Henge Docks Unboxing (Macbook Pro 13″)

The Henge dock is the perfect way to clean up any desk setup. The easy part picking out the dock that fits your Macbook and then comes the hard part. The installation process is fairly straight forward, However I ran into an issue when trying to plug in my Thunderbolt adapter. The adapter did not fit properly. Luckily, it had a rubber tip, and after an hour of filing down my adapter, I was finally able to fit the adapter into the Henge dock. However, I still ran into an issue with the adapter being a little long. FYI, the adapter used was the Moshi min display to HDMI adapter. Was the Henge dock worth it? Click the read more link for the rest


I decided to pick up a Belkin adapter which had absolutely not chance of fitting. The adapter was plastic so I didn’t dare try to file it down. In the end, I decided to take it back to the store. The dock is great, don’t get me wrong, but It seems that it will only work with Apple Thunderbolt cables or the ones sold on the Henge dock website. I am very disappointed; however, I will be getting the Bookarc from Twelve South to aid in my quest to clean up my desk.

Check out the Unboxing below


  • Secure/Tight fit
  • Great cable management
  • Good build quality


  • Difficult Setup
  • Thunderbolt (Mini Display) adapter port is picky
  • Won’t work with cases or skins



April 03 / 2012

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