[Hands-On] Motorola Atrix 4G with GingerBlur (Gingerbread) ROM

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The Atrix 4G is possibly my favorite phone since the Google Nexus One. If I could change one thing and only one thing about the Atrix it would have to be Motoblur. While I love the widgets, they are a killer on battery life. Even with the Atrix’ 1950mah battery.

kennethpenn over at XDA has done the remarkable task of bringing the stock gingerbread look and feel to the Motorola Atrix. He compiled the mother of all roms for the Atrix. It corporates the webtop hack from Fenny and even uses the .bat installation format that Designgears brought to the Atrix modding community.

The rom is called Gingerblur and it is currently in Beta. Don’t let the beta scare you. I have been using this for over 48 hours now and it is very stable. Motoblur is just about everywhere on the Atrix so this isn’t a complete Android 2.3 rom. It definitely feels like it though.

Enough about how great this ROM is, I am sure you are asking one thing. How do I install it? You will need to be rooted. If you don’t know how, check out the source thread for all your informational needs. I do not want to post my own tutorial, only because things may change. Keep it locked to the thread for any changes. Maybe when there is a final release I will do a video tutorial.

In the mean time, check out the video below for a demo. Let me know what you guys think. kennethpenn mentions in this post that when Gingerbread is complete, he will begin work on Honeycomb for the Atrix 4G. Interesting…

What this ROM Features

Deodexed framework & system

Gingerbread style

Stock Android 2.3 lock screen

Android 2.3 Gingerbread icons for applications

Removes /system/app bloatware safely (if you want)

Removes /data/app bloatware safely (if you want)

Nexus S Live Wallpaper

Flash 10.2

with fully upgraded Tegra 2 support

Gingerbread Launcher

Widget Picker (for grouped widgets)

HDMI mirroring (if wanted)

Gingerbread Power Widget

Full backup option pre-install

Gingerbread Keyboard

Ad blocking via “hosts” file

Stock Gallery (3D Gallery)

Stock Clock (with Alarm Clock)

with Google Voice Action (ie. “set alarm 4:00 PM”)

Device root



Enables init.d support


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