Google Makes Ice Cream Sandwich Official, Erects Statue On Lawn

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October 13, 2022   //



In keeping with its custom of putting a statue on its campus to mark the completion of a major Android milestone, an Ice Cream Sandwich statue is now on the Mountain View lawn.  Each major OS has usually been made public within days or at most weeks of its release to the public.

The OS should launch hand in hand with the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime, a Samsung-made official phone.  Common escaped details point to it having a large 4.65-inch 720p screen, a dual-core processor, and NFC, although these aren’t yet definite.

Ice Cream Sandwich units Android 3 features with smartphone sizes and will open the door to Android phones that have hardly any physical controls.  More visual multitasking, an iPhone-like app tray, and other tweaks should make it one of the more conspicuous interface changes in recent memory.

Samsung and Google are planning to fully unveil the OS next week.  On the morning of October 19, in Hong Kong.  The timing coincides with the D Asia conference and would start at 10PM Eastern time.  The two plan a live stream for those who can’t visit the city.


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