Gingerbread Roundup: Is Android 2.3 Coming to Your Phone?

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If you have been living under a rock or maybe you just don’t care, Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread has been released into the wild. The first device to carry the new software update is Samsung’s Google experience device called the Nexus S. Don’t think of the Nexus S as the successor to the Nexus One. Think of it as a re imagining of a new spiderman/batman movie. Got it? Ok..moving on.

Well right now Android developers have just been given the source code of Android 2.3 via the Android Open Source Project aka ASOP. Within 24hours custom roms have popped up for devices like the T-Mobile G2, the Galaxy S, and the Nexus One. Google is expected to update the Nexus One officially sometime soon. I’m sure they want to milk the Nexus S sales first. Who wouldn’t. I wanted to give you guys a brief roundup of all the Gingerbread news and try to create some sort of organization of all the released for different handsets. For you Verizon customers, Verizon is currently evaluating their line up…basically they are seeing what devices will and will not get it. Since they plan to release some new devices in the next few months. Don’t hold your breath too long. Check out the complete list below. It will be updated often so feel free to bookmark.


Galaxy S (Waiting on Samsung ETA Feb 2011, Port in progress by supercurio)

Captivate (Waiting on Samsung ETA Feb 2011)

Fascinate (Waiting on Samsung ETA Feb 2011)

Vibrant (Waiting on Samsung ETA Feb 2011)


Optimus One (Waiting on LG, Promised Update)


Eris (Port Via punk.kaos)

Dream (Port Via Dominating )

Incredible (Waiting on Verizon, Port in progress by r2DoesInc)

Nexus One (Waiting On Google, Port in progress by Chris Soyars, Working Rom )

G2 (Waiting on T-Mobile, Port in Progress by Cyanogen)

myTouch4g (Waiting on T-Mobile, CyanogenMod 7 via Thatguy32404 & option94 )

HD2 (Windows Mobile Device, Port in Progress by m-deejaym-deejay)


Droid 2 (Waiting on Verizon)

Droid 2 Global (Waiting on Verizon)

Droid X (Waiting on Verizon)

Droid 1 (Waiting on Verizon, Port in progress by Koush)


Streak (Port in progress, by playin4sheezy

I will keep adding/updating as time goes on. If anyone has anymore information please feel free to share in the comments section


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