Ford Sync Aims to Reduce Texting and Driving

Written by Vanessa Burke   //

October 20, 2022   //


Illustration courtesy of Mike Kline

When we hear the tri-tone sound on our cell phones or the experience their vibrating sensation, the initial reaction is to check out who is reaching out to us without haste.  This can be a welcome distraction from our responsibilities, but it can be a deadly decision when we are behind the wheel of a car.

Several companies, such as Bluetooth, have supported measures to limit on-the-road tech distractions, but there has never been a major movement to curb texting and driving.  Until now.  Ford is looking to equip their new cars with technology that allows drivers to use their voice to send texts and listen to messages over the car’s speakers with their new Sync System.

For some states, there is no prohibition for texting and driving.  It is possible for a driver to do her makeup, eat a sandwich, change outfits, and sing along to the radio all while sending out a text message.  Some local governments, like the one in Tucson, Arizona, are considering bans on the practice with extremely valid arguments. City council member Steve Kozachik says that if someone is driving a 2000 pound chunk of steel down a street while texting, they have no sense of where other vehicles or pedestrians are going to pop up.

Instead of relying on the government to enact legislation on the matter, car and technology companies are starting to take safety matters into their own hands.

The Ford Sync is pre-installed on all 2012 vehicles with the exception of the Ranger. According to the tech website Mashable, the system uses a Bluetooth connection in order to alert drivers when they receive texts. Drivers can then respond with several different canned messages without having to take their eyes off of the road. For Ford owners with older vehicles, the system will be available on the company website and easily installable through the USB port located next to the dashboard.

New voice activation apps like Siri for the iPad 4S,, and SMS Replier are available to drivers who do not have Ford vehicles. These software packages allow for safer driving by implementing the advanced technology on smartphones and applying it to the road.

The next time you reach for your cell phone while on the road, think about the other drivers and pedestrians around you. Also, think about your own safety and what it would be like to crash into a mailbox just because your friend sent you a text about their cat.



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