Finally We Can Lose Our Apple Sync Cables, Wait My Battery is Dead

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Apple’s SVP, Scott Forstall took the stage again today at WWDC 2011 to make another huge announcement.  Scott mentioned something that I have been telling my friends and family for years.  The iPad isn’t a true tablet because it needs a computer to fully function.  Apple may have just changed the game with “PC Free.” Forstall admitted to Apple’s realization that “[they’re] selling to a lot of places where the households just don’t have computers.” One of the biggest complaints from consumers is that right out of the box, you are required to plug your iDevice to a computer. Those days are over folks.  After unboxing your new toy, you are no longer greeted with an iTune logo and sync cable. You’re simply greeted with the word “Welcome.”

Forstall also mentioned that updates from Apple will come via OTA (over the air). I know what you are thinking.  Those huge updates are going to be downloaded wirelessly?  Yes they are, but they are called “Delta” updates.  ”Delta” updates only send you the changes made to the operating system.  In the past, when Apple udpated the iOS, they would push the entire operating system to your iTunes.  The file usually ranged from 250-380Mb.  Huge Right?  TWSS. These delta updates will help cut down the file size and download times.  No more spending hours on a computer updating.

Well, that’s it folks.  You won’t need your sync cable anymore.  You will still need it to charge, however.  Now, Apple just needs to announce wireless charging.



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