Fanny Wang Headphone Co. DJ 2001 Over-Ear Designer Headphones Review


Before I begin this review, I want to let everyone know that I am not your typical “audiophile.”  However, I do know what headphones are supposed to sound like.  Recently, I began my search for some over-ear headphones and ended up purchasing the Fanny Wang 2001s.

I was first introduced to Fanny Wang Headphone Co. when Gadget University attended the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.  Since then, Fanny Wang has gained some footing in the headphone industry.  They deserve it!

If you haven’t seen the un-boxing video, you can check it out here.


Let’s face it.  Headphones have become a fashion statement.  Mostly due to the exaggerated product placement in the media by Monster and the Dr. Dre beat headphones.  In a weird way, that is exactly why I like the Fanny Wang design. It’s almost satire the way these things look.  Monster even filed a law suit, but eventually lost.  The 2001s are primarily made from rubber coated plastic with some metal accents on the hinges.  After three weeks of use, and a few drops later, these headphones still look new.  My only complaint is that the white rubber will began to show dirt over time.  However, it can always be cleaned.  The headpones are also iPhone ready with remote and mic.


The first thing I noticed about the 2001s is how clear they sound.  The drivers are freakishly accurate.  The biggest feature of these headphones are the Bass Boost option . I was expecting some issues with accuracy that usually comes with more expensive headphones.  That was surprising.  I was expecting an extremely bassy headphone from all the marketing.  But the bass was more complimentary and realistic than overbearing.  To me, that’s a good thing.  Too much bass becomes very tiring over an extended period.  And that’s not a good thing.


I wore these headphones for several hours on end while doing homework.  I did notice that my ears got a little fatigued. With that said, these are still very comfortable.  I have large ears (Dumbo), so the ear cups did not fully go over-the-ear. If you plan to keep these around your neck, kind of like those Dr. Dre Beat fans, then don’t.  They weren’t designed to be an accessory.


The 50mm Titanium Dual Plated Drivers deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class.  Period.  I love these headphones and I know you will too.  The best part about these headphones are the price. They retail for $249 but can be had for much less on

  • Great balance of sound
  • Price
  • Durable construction
  • Battery Operated
  • White rubber shows dirt
  • Uncomfortable for big ears


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