Verizon Roadmap Leaked: Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, RAZR Mentioned

Written by Matthew   //

October 18, 2022   //


Look what popped into my inbox.  Thanks to a tipster, we have in front of us, Verizon’s plan’s to literally rule all machines.  I can’t help but say it.  Verizon will have four high end phones this winter.  The Galaxy Nexus and Rezound are expected to hit on 11/10 and the and the RAZR on 10/27.  The 11/10 date could just be a pre-order or online order date.  That is only because the Map period for the RAZR begins on it’s pre-order date.  Moving on…

We just heard about the Motorola RAZR, Google will be announcing the Galaxy Nexus at 10PM est in Hong Kong, and we have yet to hear about HTC’s latest beast.  Could it be the Incredible HD or the Thunderbolt 2.  Who knows.  Which one will you be picking up?


Droid RAZR






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