Every 1.5 Seconds, Samsung Sells a Galaxy S II & Steve Jobs Kills a Kitten

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Samsung and Apple haven’t been very friendly lately.  While Steve Jobs really isn’t killing kittens, he probably is pulling out his hair.  Wait…  He’s harassing his lawyers to get an injunction of Samsung devices.  Let’s face it.  They look so much like Apple products, they a beginning to sell like one.  The Galaxy S I took 85 days to sell 3 million units.  This is a huge accomplishment for Samsung in the mobile market.

According to Samsung, 3 million units of the Galaxy S II have been sold in just 55 days making it the fastest selling phone in Samsung’s illustrious history.  That beat out the 85 days that it took the original version of the handset to ring up 3 million in sales.  At the current rate, a new Samsung Galaxy S II finds an owner every 1.5 seconds.  In the UK, Samsung has been the top selling handset manufacturer for 17 straight weeks.  The crazy part about all this is that it isn’t even available in the US yet.  All four major US carriers are expected to get a Galaxy S II variant.  Numbers are going to be through the roof once they launch.

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