Droid Possibly Getting Froyo Next Week?

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This is getting crazier and crazier. I think Oprah took a road trip to HTC, Samsung and Motorola and shouted ” You get Froyo, You get Froyo.” Sorry if you didn’t get that. Well word has it that Motorola will begin rolling out Android 2.2 to its beloved Droid by the end of next week. We will keep you guys updated as this develops.

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  1. That’s been the story for a few days now. What’s changed?

  2. at the moment nothing. this is about the original droid. the droid x is what was confirmed to get the update

  3. I sure hope 2.2 includes something or other to help with the camera. I’ve owned much cheaper phones that produced much better pics.

    • I actually never knew the Droid had problems.

      • I wouldn’t say problems, just sub par in my opinion. I understand it’s a phone but all the pics I take seem to be very fuzzy and generally not good. On the other hand, I’m not what you would call a power user so I’m totally aware it could be user error :/

  4. I may actually do some research on that. I wonder if XDA has anything :/

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