Droid 3 Has Locked Bootloader

Written by Devin Derrickson   //

July 7, 2022   //

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As a Motorola Atrix fan, a locked bootloader is something I’ve had to deal with since launch.  I’ve spent countless hours crying in front of my PC and constantly hitting the F5 key in hopes of an unlocked bootloader “hack”.  Well, get ready folks, because you will deal with the same “ills” with the Motorola Droid 3.

Motorola did promise us a fix, and it looks like they are a company of their word.  That’s considering the bootloader will be unlocked with the Gingerbread update for the Atrix.  I don’t condone unlocking a bootloader.  Thanks to the “This may void your warranty” text plastered all over the unlock screen, people like myself have become very cautious with such acts.  I just seemed to have all the anomalies happen to my phone which prompt me to have to return them.

Anywho, how does it make you all feel knowing that he Droid 3′s bootloader will be locked?  I mean, no CyanogenMod, no custom kernels.  Hit the comment section and tell us all about it.




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  1. By x13thangelx,
    July 7, 2022

    It won’t matter really. Once we have root and a custon recovery we can port the 2nd-init stuff over and then we’ll have everything that we do on current-generation droids. Just won’t have the interchangeable kernel but that’s it.


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