Disney’s 2011 3D Push

In 2011 Disney is making a huge push to 3D Home Entertainment. The plan is for Disney to release at least 15 titles in 3D in 2011. The movies will be packed with a 2D version of the movie. Some of the titles that will be released are Tangled, Tron: Legacy, The Lion King, and Beauty and The Beast. None of the titles have release dates as of right now but will be released in 2o11. Other movies are also going to be available like Bolt, G-Force, Meet the Robinson’s, Tim Burtons The Nightmare before Christmas, and Chicken Little. Me personally I keep doubting the 3D entertainment but it is slowly growing on me and the rest of the world. With the Disney movies coming out on 3D BluRay it should get even bigger.

Source: Disney

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