Different Types of Software Testing

Software testing is an inspection carried out to give stakeholders accurate information on the quality of a particular software product or system under review. This inspection is used primarily to identify and correct potential software defects. The purpose of testing is to reveal flaws before they are allowed to cause real problems that may cost the company a lot of money and time. Software testing is essential for software development as it helps in improving the overall quality of software products.

There are several types of software testing to identify and correct software flaws. These include end-to-end tests, integration and verification tests, and regression tests. These various tests have different objectives and use different methods. While some tests to make the software products better, others may just show bugs; however, the overall effect of these tests is to ensure that the software project is safe.

End-to-end software testing is the simplest form of software testing. In this kind of testing, the software is tested from the very beginning step by following all the protocol of the production process. This is usually accompanied by quality assurance tests and system functionality tests. Depending on the needs of the client, the functional and non-functional testing may be conducted.

Integration and verification software testing is a type of end-to-end software testing. It checks whether the packaged application as a whole works properly. It also verifies the quality of end-to-end interactions between the software and its clients. The integration testing is done when the software is delivered as a complete system that functions properly. This guarantees product quality, functionality and security.

Unit testing is another type of software testing which is done on software components separately. Unit testing helps find bugs early on in the process of development as it enables the developers to quickly fix bugs. For a software project, this kind of testing is typically performed during software development. It helps determine the right set of requirements so that the software can function well while being used by the end users.

Another group of testers are known as black-box testers. Black-box testers do not know anything about software development. They perform a simple test to determine whether the program as a whole is working correctly or not. These testers do not test for actual functional defects but only for bugs. Thus, they do not help in the detection of functional defects but may simply contribute to the design of the software development project.

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