Difference between a Tablet and a Phone?

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There is a little discussion going on in the “community” for lack of a better term over what is and what is not a Tablet.  Perhaps a better way to put it may be to ask yourself when does a tablet become just a really big phone?  Taking a look at the Ipad we can clearly say this is not a phone because it will never fit inside a pocket,  unless your Charles Barkley and wearing a winter coat.  So what happens when we start talking 7″ tablets that could very easily fit inside a large back pocket and is a little more mobile than your 10″ or bigger screens. 


In the world of gadgets(and believe me this is the only world this applies in) size does not matter.  Take a look at the Motorola  Golden I if you haven’t already.  Nobody is arguing that this is a phone.  The simple fact that it could fit inside your woman’s change purse doesn’t make it a phone.  It carries a different purpose all together.  There in lies the true answer to figuring out what is a what is not a tablet.

The defining characteristic of a phone is that it makes phone calls.  As long as that is its main purpose than that is what is is.  Tablets are just that, mini-computers.  It reminds me of the smoking rule in Georgia.  You are legally allowed to smoke indoors as long as the bar in question makes no more than a percentage of its money from food.  It then becomes a restaurant and viola you can no longer smoke indoors.  The same rule applies with gadgets.  If its a remote that also acts as a flashlight, is it used more as a flashlight or a remote?  If you have a shoe that also tracks your steps, is it more a shoe or a pedometer?  Figure out the prime function and that is what it is.  Simple right?

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