• Cameron

    I’m like a Teddy bear, brother, gadget guru and garbage pail kid all rolled into one! Huge Android fan – writer at TheDroidGuy, AndroidSPIN (occasionally), and here at Gadget University (also occasionally).
    My first Android phone didn’t have an OS with a codename. I’ve owned a Nexus, Evo 4G, and now a Thunderbolt. I’ve made my rounds writing for AndroidFeens, AbsolutelyAndroid, thedroidguy, AndroidSPIN, and Gadget University as well. I volunteer with the Red Cross (SEPA Chapter). My fiancĂ©e and I welcomed our first (and only child into this world in Feb – 2 months early).

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  • Devin Derrickson

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  • J.E.H.

    Began editing on 5/3/2022

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  • Marcus

    Follow me @gadgetu_mars

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  • Matthew

    A self proclaimed technology enthusiast and Editor in Chief of Gadget University. Matthew is always on top of the latest news about tech. Unbiased reviews and opinions, this guy will give it to you straight. Follow him on Twitter @gadgetu_matt

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  • Stormy Beach

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  • Tyson Schettig

    Been around computers and gaming machines since the Commodore VIC-20. C-128? Check. SX-64? Check. Amiga 500? Check. When CBM started its downward spiral I moved on the PC world and Windows.

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