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  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations Revealed

    Gamers who completed Assassins Creed: Brotherhood knew that there would be another game in the series, we just didn’t know exactly when.  Today, Ubisoft released a press release announcing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations which is due out in November for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. According to the press release the Master Assassin, Ezio Auditore, returns […]

  • Rumored Launch Titles for NGP (PSP2)

    E3 is now a little over a month away and gamers all over the world are wanting to see new material for the NGP (PSP2). Well, a source over at NicaGamerz has confirmed some of the launch titles that was sent to them from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.  The titles will be officially announced at E3 […]

  • Mass Effect 3 Delayed

    Mass Effect 2 was one of the best games of 2010 for Xbox 360 and one of the best in 2011 for Playstation 3.  Fans want to get the opportunity to play the third installment of the Mass Effect series this year, which was set for a Q4 2011 release.  Today, Casey Hudson announced on […]

  • Wii Price Drop Coming

    Word came out in late April that the Nintendo Wii could possibly be receiving a price drop. Since that rumor begin to surface a lot of retailers begin to slash the prices of the consoles to 169.99. 1Up posted today that at some point this month Nintendo will be dropping the price of the Wii […]

  • Resistance 3 Demo with Battle: LA BluRay

    On June 14th, the BluRay of the hit movie Battle: Los Angeles will release.  With the release of the BluRay, Resistance fans will get a taste of Resistance 3. Insomniac games will also be releasing a Beta version of the game later on this summer.  The demo version that will be included with Battle: Los […]

  • Playstation Network Back Up This Week

    Sony Computer Entertainment held a press conference this morning where they announced that the Playstation Network will begin restoration in phases this week.  Sony also announced an enhancement of their security on the network and also a customer appreciation program. The first phase of the rollout will include: Restoration of Online game-play across the PlayStation®3 […]

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    Need For Speed: The Run

    EA’s Need For Speed franchise are one of the most consistent and popular franchise’s out. Below is a debut trailer of the newest edition to the family Need for Speed: The Run which is set for a November 15, 2022 release day. The Run is a high stakes across the country race and the only […]

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    [Video] Madden 12 Gameplay Trailer

      Yesterday was the 2011 NFL Draft and with the draft every year we get a new Madden NFL trailer. Well this year’s gameplay trailer shows a couple of the newest features like the new collision sequences, better defensive coverage’s (which was also a focus for NCAA 12), and also the improved physics of the […]

  • Crytek Hopes for a PS4 & Xbox 720 with 8GB of RAM

    Digital Foundry got a chance to speak with the team behind Crysis 2. They got a chance to speak with Crytek’s R&D principal graphics engineer, Tiago Sousa. During the interview he mentions the limitation of the current consoles and how difficult it was to get it to run on 512MB of RAM. RAM by far […]

  • Playstation Network Returning Online April 30th?

    In conversation with customers about the outage and how they would be compensated, SOE director of community relations Linda Carlson, spilled the beans about a promotion that begins this weekend. The question is, how can a promotion run if the network is still down? She states: “To thank players for their patience, and we will […]