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  • Introducing Microsoft Kinect

    It’s actually here, and it has been officially named Microsoft Kinect. Personally, I liked Project Natal; but who cares what I think. Anyways, it is expected that Microsoft will announce several titles at this years’ E3 expo. They plan on selling 5 Million of these units this years…I think they can. Mostly because those big […]

  • Mortal Kombat returns to it’s origins.

    I have to say, judging by looking at some of these backgrounds, it looks like the Mortal Kombat series may be returning to it’s origins. Man this brings back memories. I guess with Midway not having full ownership of the franchise anymore, we hope to see things continue to move in this direction. Check out […]

  • SOCOM 4 Trailer

    The original SOCOM series was a huge part of Sony’s Online Campaign during Microsoft’s Halo Era. SOCOM 1 came out in 2002 and still has active members. SOCOM 2 servers are still running as well. SOCOM 4 Special Ops will actually be put back in the hands of Zipper interactive. The Playstation Move looks to […]

  • Gears of War 3 will feature Drake’s Voice

    Read the press release after the break for more information Tweet

  • [Rumor] Playstation 4 to be revealed at E3

    Believe it or not. I don’t know if this is real. But it looks like fun. I think this is just an advert for the new 3D gaming capabilities of the Playstation 3. but the ad says PS4…weird. CHeck out the video after the break. Tweet

  • Sony listing PS3 priced from $199

    Sony’s new site to highlight 3D capable devices shows the PS3 as starting from $199. See the picture for proof. This would be a very agressive move by Sony since Playstation moved would be announced this E3 Conference in Los Angeles. Nothing is confirmed yet from Sony but this does not appear to be a […]

  • Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer


  • Michael Jordan to appear in NBA2K11

    Basketball superstar Michael Jordan will help develop the upcoming “NBA 2K11″ video game and will be on its cover. That’s a departure from a typical cover deal with athletes, according to Jason Argent, vice president of marketing at Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.’s 2K Sports, which is publishing the game. The company provided little information about […]

  • Sony looking to reveal a PSP2?

     Sony is set to radically change how it deals with handheld gaming, looking into new ways it can distribute software for the console. Mark Howsen, UK Sales Director for Sony Europe, told MCV recently that Sony was planning to “reinvent the whole PSP model,” explaining: “We’re seeing a trend [in the handheld market] whereby consumers […]

  • PSP GO Gets 10 Free Games in the UK, The US is Screwed Once Again

    Sony has just announced that anyone who has purchased a PSP GO in the UK, after April 1st, will be given game vouchers for 10 free games. However the US owners get something too. If you purchase a PSP GO in the US starting today, you will have access to 3 free downloads: LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet and […]