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  • Jerry Rice & Nitus Dog Football

    Most families enjoy being in the backyard with their dog playing a game of fetch. All dogs have a favorite toy that they enjoy playing with. Most families also enjoy Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching college and NFL football. Have you ever thought about bringing the two worlds together? Well don’t imagine anymore, Judo Baby […]

  • [Video] Dead Space 2 Can Scare Your MOMMY!

    Gotta love good marketing. I just finished playing the Dead Space 2 demo on my playstation 3 and I have to admit. I jumped a few times. I don’t know about you guys but I love the suspense action genre. It takes me back to the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. EA sports […]

  • Portal 2 Getting Razer Hydra Motion Controller Levels

    At CES, We got a demo of Razer’s new motion controllers that we developed with Sixense Entertainment. Valve’s set to release a special version of Portal 2 next year with levels designed especially for Razer’s impressive Hydra motion controller. The Hydra version is expected to cost about $100. Check out the game play for a […]

  • SOCOM 4 Gets Release Date Update

    According to an article on the  Wall Street Journal, Sony’s third-person shooter game – developed by Zipper Interactive – will be arriving sometime in April, although at this stage we haven’t got a specific date. What I am excited about is the playstation move support. You guys know the sharpshooter controller that will be bundled with Killzone […]

  • Michael Jackson for Kinect

    Ubisoft has a love for working with motion control video games. In fall 2010 they released Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Wii that allowed you to use the wand controls. Showing there love for working with motion control gaming systems Ubisoft is releasing the same game for the Xbox Kinect on April 12. Michael […]

  • Gamestaq. Buy And Sell Used Games With A Few Clicks

    When Metropolis is in trouble and in need of help, Superman comes to the rescue. Want to buy and sell used games with a few clicks and not deal with todays stresses of doing so? Gamestaq is that Superman. Ebay and Gamestop have really been a thorn in my side when it comes to buying […]

  • Nvidia’s KFA2 is the 1st Wireless Graphics Card

    The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 WHDI graphics card is first to go wireless. It is the same graphics card as the GTX 460 however it uses five aerial antennas to stream stream uncompressed 1080p video to a WHDI receiver or some WHDI displays. The gfx card does come bundled with a WHDI dongle. Range is […]

  • Play Your Old Consoles-Or Else!

    Do you have old video game consoles lying around your house? You may want to consider locking them away, as recent footage shows, they can get dangerous if neglected. My friends over at Robot Affair caught this “Rise of the Machines” on video, and decided to share it with us-for public safety reasons, I’m sure. […]

  • News Flash: Infectionator! World Dominator Still Fun

    Last year I played the most fun/addicting flash game ever created. To this day, no other flash game has come close. That game is Infectionator! World Dominator. The game has everything you could want in it: zombies, guns, upgrades, world domination-and Colonel Sanders. You know what that means, right? Zombie chickens! If you haven’t played […]

  • What Flavors Do Your Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Characters Come In? Find Out!

    It seems as though Capcom’s putting a little more thought into their character’s costumes these days, as most of the character costumes, at least on Marvel’s side, are reproductions (some more faithful than others) of costumes previously worn by the character. Granted, some characters have really only been seen in one or two outfits, so […]