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    Uncharted 3 #E3 Trailer

    One of the best trailers from Day 1 of 2011 E3 and probably will be the best overall was the Uncharted 3 trailer. Uncharted games play like a movie an the trailer is no exception it runs like a summer blockbuster trailer. The Uncharted Beta begins on June 28th. Tweet

  • Sony: $499 Gets you PS3 and a 3D TV

    Today at E3, Sony introduced a PlayStation-brand 3D monitor and 3D glasses, PS3 bundle for $499.  $499 will get you a pair of glasses, a PS3, an HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance.  You can purchase additional pairs of glasses for $69. Also, these glasses will be compatible with other 3D TVs on the […]

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    Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer

    During the Ubisoft E3 showcase, they debuted the new trailer for the upcoming Assassins Creed.  In this clip, we can see time is catching up to Ezio.  While he has gotten older, his technique to kill has gotten better.  Check out the clip. Tweet

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    Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer #E3

    Electronic Arts released a short Battlefield 3 multiplayer gameplay trailer today in honor of E3.  It’s called Operation Metro. Finally, we get to see some action of what the multiplayer maps will look like.  Oh, and by the way, its coming out October 25, so get ready. [CVG] Tweet

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    Forza 4 in October

    Forza 4 finally has a release date and also a new trailer with it.  October 11th 2011, Forza will be released for the Xbox 360 console.  The new trailer shows some new screens and also shows off the license with Top Gear.  The trailer is even better with Kanye West in the background singing Power. […]

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    Halo 4 Coming 2012

    Today, in Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they announced the coming of Halo 4.  It is set to be released Holiday 2012 and is said to be the beginning of a new Trilogy.  Check out the teaser trailer. Source: E3 Tweet

  • Sony’s Welcome Back Program Now Live

      If you have not noticed already, the Playstation Store is now live.  On Friday, Sony launched the welcome back program which is a program to thank customers for their loyalty through their down time. The Welcome Back program is included for all Playstation Network members who were signed up before April 20th, 2011. The program […]

  • Playstation Store Returns With New Treats for All

    After a long wait the Playstation Store is finally back up and is back up with a bang.  Unfortunately, the “Welcome Back” offers that Sony is promising has not yet posted, but im pretty sure it will be out soon. Until then, gamers can enjoy this big update which contains: PlayStation Plus Full Game Trial […]

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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, In Action

    Here’s a peek at StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the second chapter in Blizzard’s ongoing space war trilogy. Synopisis: Four to six missions into the new campaign for Blizzard’s Heart of the Swarm expansion for StarCraft II, Kerrigan is again working with the Zerg.  Blizzard won’t say why, but it appears that Kerrigan, in […]

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    NBA 2k12 Debut Trailer

    Last year, NBA 2k11 was nothing short of amazing with Jordan taking the cover.  NBA 2k12 will be released on October 4th.  Until then, here is a trailer for you to watch during the NBA Finals. Tweet