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This week’s BluRay pickup is the comedy action movie RED.


This was a movie I saw with my mom on one of our Friday night movie nights. My mom really enjoyed it because of the older actors like Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Red had a little of everything in it action, comedy, even a little romance. John Malkovich had a really big comedy performance in this movie; he was easily the funniest and most entertaining out of all the actors. This is not your typical spy movie; it is a very enjoyable, fun, family flick that will be a good watch for anybody.

Video and Sound

The transfer from the big screen to BluRay is close to perfect. There are a couple scenes in the movie that are so clear that you can see where the makeup artist may have added a little too much. The skin tones are perfect from wrinkles to skin color. I usually rave about how good Sony does on their movies but Summit Entertainment does a very good job on the picture. The sound is going to be comparable to Dark Knight and Transformers sound. The first scene in the movie where Frank’s house is ambushed is a great reference scene for someone who is trying to explain the importance of a surround system to someone. Bullets are delegated through each speaker extremely well. DTS-HD 5.1 is used very well from the clear dialog in the center channel to the explosions not over doing the bass in the subwoofer.

Special Features and Extras

There are 8 minutes plus of extended and deleted scenes to watch with the movie and also Access Red which is a feature than you can turn on/off that will play the length of the movie offering viewers featurettes, tidbits, and C.I.A. history. Now there are plenty of great prices out there for Red this week so there is no reason this shouldn’t be in your collection. Target is offering just the BluRay for $13.00 which is great! Best Buy offers 2 different versions 1 for $17.99 for movie only and a Best Buy exclusive for $19.99 which includes BluRay, DVD, and a special Red Comic book. Walmart also has competitive prices starting at $17.96. So like I said there is no reason that Red shouldn’t be in everyone’s collection. Tell me how your system handles that ambush scene at the beginning of the movie.

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