Best Gadgets For Online Gaming

Everybody loves a gadget, do they not?

It does not matter whether you are young or old, whether you are a runner or a gamer, there is a gadget for you. They accentuate our experiences, help us get better at our hobbies and achieve our other goals in life. Whether your gadget is wearable, powered by electricity or just plain quirky, we guarantee you have one in your life you feel you could not be without.

One area in which gadgets are becoming increasingly important is around the poker table. Poker is a booming industry at present, thanks mainly to the recent pandemic which saw many brick-and-mortar establishments close. They left a void that was readily filled by the online sector, an industry being boosted around the United States due to the relaxation of rules and regulations taking place, state by state. When the two are combined it adds up to a possible second poker boom, following on from the one at the turn of the century.

Whilst beginners need to understand the basics, such as the different hand rankings and the poker terms used by players, a more experienced player may turn to gadgets to help them with their game. If you are just starting out in your poker odyssey, then make sure you pick up those basics first, before turning to some of these gadgets that can be used at home to help you concentrate on your game and maybe even improve at the same time.

Wireless Poker Controller

The Poker Controls Wireless Poker Controller is perhaps the best gadget an online poker player can turn to in 2021. Many professional online gamers have customized controllers for their chosen titles, with mapped buttons and the like, and this gadget is essentially the same, but for online poker. It is comfortable and helps avoid misclicks through the clearly identifiable and dedicated buttons. It also affords players the opportunity to sit back on the sofa and cast their online poker provider onto a big screen TV, increasing comfort.


Ask two poker players the question ‘trackball or not?’ and you will likely get two different answers. It is the marmite of the online poker player’s world; you either love using your trackball or hate it. Ergonomically, it is less likely to cause repetitive strain injury than a standard mouse, especially if you use the latter for your work as well as online poker. A trackball makes switching your hand from left to right easier, but try to get one that is wired, as you do not want a battery to run out as you are in the middle of a multi-table session.

Bluetooth Headset

You might see many poker professionals wearing a headset these days, although World Series of Poker rules mean they should not be worn at the final table of a big tournament. Why are they popular? A poker room can be loud and intrusive, which affects concentration, and some players like to block out that sound. Of course, the same might be applicable at your home, so a good Bluetooth headset could be a useful gadget for you, too. If you live in a busy neighborhood full of noise and traffic, or your housemates cannot keep the noise down, then a good set of headphones and your chosen playlist might be the perfect gadget for you.

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