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Hey guys, if you are looking to save on some gadgets this fall for school or any other reason. You can save big with the following discount codes for some popular tech products. Check them out

Smartfish Technologies was founded on a passion for healthier living, smart technology and true ergonomic innovation in an ever-growing electronic world. The line of computer peripherals based on the company’s ErgoMotion technologies promote a healthy PC lifestyle for work and play.

Discount: Save 15% and enjoy free shipping with code



Bracketron creates accessories and universal mounting solutions for many of today’s most popular mobile and handheld devices like smartphones, iPad/tablets, MP3 players, GPS, satellite radios and laptops. Bracketron offers a broad selection of mounting options designed to provide an optimal level of flexibility and functionality to extend the use of your mobile device.

Discount: 20% off

Code: BTS2011

Valid until August 31, 2022


MountMe is committed to bringing one of kind cutting-edge mounting accessories for the Tablet PC technology market including mounting accessories and colorful sleek protective cases that easily transform into highly adaptable and practical mounting devices.

Discount: Free Shipping

Code: BC2SC2011

Valid until September 15, 2022


ARCHOS is an award winning technology innovator and leader in the portable media player market. ARCHOS released the first pocket-sized HD-based MP3 player with the Jukebox 6000 in 2000 and since that time has revolutionized consumer electronics devices. ARCHOS has also introduced the Internet Media Tablet offering users instant, uncompromising access to the internet, media content and TV.

Discount: 20% off any ARCHOS MP3 player

Code: ARCB2S

Valid thru September 1, 2022


Only luggage lock company protected by US patent and accepted and recognized by TSA and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Manufacturers of the luggage locks that won’t get cut and decrease luggage theft, increase safety and provide peace of mind.

Discount: 10% off


Valid until September 1, 2022


Warpia, a premier technology brand, is dedicated to delivering advanced connectivity solutions to the mainstream. Providing superior technical support and customer service, Warpia uses UWB technology to optimize your home office or home entertainment experience.

Discount: 20% off

Code: backtoschool

Valid until September 1, 2022


Founded in 1993 in Northern California, FINIS® was started by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales. The Monofin and the Swimmer’s Snorkel were the first products they developed for the US market; afterwards, they continued to focus on creating training tools for swimmers and coaches worldwide. FINIS® products are currently available in over 60 countries and are used by US and International Olympic teams, elite triathletes, and fitness swimmers.

Discount: Free shipping on orders $50 or more

Code: FINIS2school

Valid until September 1st 2011


The HandStand is a revolutionary, rotational and protective iPad case that puts the iPad’s full potential of into the palm of your hand. Enabling users to effortlessly spin the device with 360 degrees of ergonomic freedom, The HandStand helps maximize factuality and increase user efficiencies of the Apple tablet.

Discount: 20% off


Valid until September 1, 2022

Digital Storm

Founded in 2002, Digital Storm has rapidly emerged as the predominant name in system integration. With expertise in gaming and workstation PCs, Digital Storm’s mission is to deliver its customers bleeding edge technology and performance, coupled with rock solid stability and support.

Discount: Save up to $300 on Digital Storm’s award-winning desktops!  Here is a breakdown of the discounts:

$1,000 – $1,499 = $50 discount        $3,000 – $3,499 = $150 discount

$1,500 – $1,999 = $75 discount        $3,500 – $3,999 = $175 discount

$2,000 – $2,499 = $100 discount      $4,000 – $4,999 = $200 discount

$2,500 – $2,999 = $125 discount      $5,000 – $5,999 = $250 discount

$6,000 & up = $300 discount*Discounts are automatically applied

Valid from July 20, 2022 thru August 24, 2022

Grace Digital Audio

Based in San Diego, California, Grace Digital Audio is a designer and manufacturer of connected home consumer electronic products including, Internet radios, USB archival solutions, media players, wireless speakers and other indoor/outdoor communications products. Grace products provide an entire family of indoor/outdoor audio solutions.

Discount: 20% and free shipping

Code: backtoschool20


The Cadence Watch Company designs, produces and distributes branded performance and lifestyle watches.  Based in Philadelphia, the company started in 2001 developing their initial product, a patented stroke rate monitoring watch for rowing. Since then, the company has grown into designing creative and unique lifestyle watches.

Discount: 25% off

Code: cadence2school


Founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology. Unique products such as iTrip®, PowerMate®, iFM®, iMic® and Evolve® Wireless Speaker System have broken new ground in consumer electronics and created loyal fans the world over. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create.

Discount: 25% off selected products*


*Participating products include: Elevator, Stylus Colors, 3 meter, USB to dock, A-frame, Slap for iPod Nano


PowerSkin® silicone cases with built-in batteries provide twice the power for your smartphone, featuring sleek, protective designs that fit your phone and fit your style. PowerSkin® is XPAL Powered, meaning it’s charged by patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards for safety, quality and performance. Designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source, PowerSkin® has got you – and your phone – covered.

Discount: 10% and free shipping

Code: BTS39412

* $24.99 minimum

Valid until September 15, 2022


Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2010, Scosche Industries is an award-winning innovator of iPad, iPhone and iPod accessories. Scosche is founded on its commitment to quality, value and customer service. With over 55 patents and countless industry awards it is easy to see that Scosche is consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Discount: 15% off


Valid until September 30, 2022


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