Audyssey Introduces Premium iDevice Audio Dock


Audyssey has been implementing their tech into Denon, Onkyo, LG audio systems for a while now. If you have ever owned a home theatre system from Denon, then you know the audio is world class. Take that same tech and put it in a desktop dock. This is where Audyssey’s Audio Dock: South of Market Edition comes in. I already know what you are about to say, “Not another iDock!” To be honest, I said the exact same thing this year in NYC at PEPCOM’s Holiday Spectacular. Until then, I had never heard of Audyssey products and after hearing the sound that the two 4-inch woofers pushed out, I was immediately blown away. The iDock market is extremely crowded and Audyssey knows that. The best way to get their product to sale is market differentiation. This is where Audyssey shines. Features Features Features, This dock is loaded. 

The Audyssey audio dock offers wireless music streaming, a built-in speakerphone, desktop syncing of your iDevice and even an iPhone application that allows you to customize and store your audio preferences for later use. I got a chance to hear these speakers at PEPCOM and even in a loud room where demos going on all around us, this dock produced loud crisp sounds that were actually not disturbing to the ears. You guys know what I mean, Everyone has heard speakers that sound like they are trying to hard to be loud and end up sounding horrible. Not Audyssey’s audio, it really surprised me.

Full Review coming soon. Expect them at all your major electronic outlets this holiday season.

Simply put this dock just sounds better 

Via Audyssey

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