AT&T’s Roadmap Leaked, And It’s Looking Good!

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August 24, 2022   //



It looks like AT&T has a very nice lineup this year.  Though they had a late start with the Android craze to begin with, it looks like they are well off in the mobile phone market with other phone options to add on.

We start off with the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Attain /SGH-i777), the next phone to really turn some heads this year; not forgeting the new iPhone 5 of course.  The next exciting device is Samsungs mystery Qwerty device (SHG-i927).  Samsung + physical keyboard = seXXXy.  We have a pair of Blackberry devices, both sporting Blackberry 7, which is a very nice touch for your business users out there.  It looks like WP7 hasn’t been forgotten, as AT&T is looking to launch two devices during Q4 of this year.  The Motorola Fuath, said to be the next Atrix, also seems to be creeping in sometime during Q4 of this year.  With the success of the orginal Motorola Atrix, I see this phone being the “phone to get” for me.

That seems to be it for AT&T for the year, folks.  Sorry for the anti-climatic end of 2011, but we have about 50 more years to live, so no hard feelings.

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Source: Pocketnow

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