AT&T’s Plans for Their 4G Network #CES

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As an AT&T customer it has been sickening to hear other carriers trout their 4G networks in our faces. If you haven’t read how I felt about it. Read Here. Anyways, after myself and other tech enthusiast flips are s*** over T-Mobile claim to have 4G. The ITU actually redefined the term 4G to included evolved 3G technologies. Where was AT&T in all this? After the Verizon rumors got worst the world for AT&T was apparently going to crumble. Everyone and their mother felt that defection was imminent. Consumer reports even claims AT&T was the worst carrier in the US. Now it appears that AT&T has been quietly prepping new “4G” devices and their HSDPA+ network. AT&T plans to push and sell their HSDPA+ network and devices until their LTE is ready to launch. In one way this is good and bad. The good is that when LTE is out and fully deployed, let’s say end of 2011 early 2012, if you are not in an area with LTE you will still have the high data speeds of their revamped HSDPA+. Now the bad, those awesome phones that are coming soon from HTC, Samsung and Motorola are going to be HSDPA+. Which means you won’t be able to take advantage of their the LTE network when it deploys. I see this plan as a entirely good thing; only because the average consumer is going to happy with HSDPA+ speeds. If someone really wants an LTE device, wait until the summer. Be sure to read around the site, we will be posting as much as we can from Las Vegas.

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