Apple Sues Motorola Over Xoom Design

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 The patent design wars are on a continuous rise, now with news surfacing once again in Europe, where Apple is now suing Motorola over their flagship tablet the Xoom.

Earlier in the week, a preliminary injunction was filed against Samsung, which caused their Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be taken off all European shelves, barring the country of the Netherlands.  Although the patent wars rage on and have yet to be settled in the United States, Apple is using its leverage in the EU over design-related patents (dubbed “Community Design” in the EU)  filed there to attempt its demise of the progress of Android tablets and/or other Android affiliated partner products.

Apple’s disputes are being settled in German court, and are not just limited to large manufacturers of tablets, but also the local brand Jay-Tech, while will more than likely run on the Android operating system.

The war to silence is competitors is one that may benefit Apple in its stranglehold of the industry, but may also constrain the progress of Android partners and also technological ideas by non-Apple companies delving into similar design waters.

The folks at FOSS Patents have devised a “battlemap” detailing the more than 40 U.S. Patents being argued over by Apple and Motorola, a confrontation that has been ongoing since October 2010.


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